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Tried my DivaCup

Sunday, April 4th, 2004
3:16 pm
Just got my Diva Cup
Hi Everyone
I just got a Diva Cup . After dinner last night I decided to give it a try. So with a little bit of nerves I got it out, gave it a good wash with natural soap and hot water, washed my hands and headed for the loo.
This is my experience:
After reading for the past few weeks about cups and the good reviews and review over concerns with difficulty getting it in, leakage issues, and then those having problems getting it out, suction concerns etc, I fully expected problems. I don't usually get things right off, so if anyone's going to have trouble you can bet I would be included in that group. Having a 12 month guarantee made the DivaCup the cup of choice as I would have many cycles to try and master this in and out thing.
My first impressions about the DivaCup:
1. Smaller than I expected
2. Softer and more flexable than I expected
My first experience:
As I usually put my leg up on the side of the loo when inserting a tampon, I decided this was the best way to go. So with clean hands and a clean DivaCup I tried to insert it. And I did! Was it in far enough? Not enough? I couldn't tell. I gave it a full turn and a little pull, and pulled up the undies, washed my hands and walked outside. Couldn't feel it inside, or the stem either. I went into the loungeroom with some needle and tread to do some button mending while watching tv and sat down carefully. Nope, didn't feel a thing, or the stem sticking in anywhere. I did feel a little bit of the stem a couple of times when I was talking around either going to the loo or making a cup of tea, but not enough to be a problem.
Things went along fine for the next 3 hours. Of course in the back of my mind was: what about when it comes time to take it out? Will I be able to.
So at bath time (I like to shower before bed rather than earlier). I shaved my legs and showered, and was time. We have a ledge on the side of the shower recess, so put up my leg, and, feeling a little nervous about the whole thing, reached in to retrieve the cup. It wasn't that far in. The stem was just inside. Took a couple of attempts to get my thumb and finger around the bottom of the cup to break the seal and then pulled out on a slight angle. It was an ouch moment, not because of any suchion thing but because I think I took it out of my opening too quickly. Thought: I'll have to work on that.
So I used a tampon overnight, and this morning decided to try again, as the first attempt seemed to go well. I got it in fine again (let me tell you.......I find it surprising that I could do it). And did the turn, tug and it was fine. I wore a reusable pad for protection as I went out for the morning from 9-12:30 and just didn't want to worry about leakage if I'm not doing it right. A little spotting that's all. Came home, and headed for the loo as I wanted to check it. I'm assuming it will take a few cycles to work out my ideal change times. And with this new little novelity you just want to see what's what!!!!! And there's the whole uncertainity about it, just like when you start using tampons in the beginning.
So this time I decided to do the same thing I do when taking out a tampon and that's to just sit on the loo. So that's what I tried this time. I was dreading it a little. I tried to grab hold of the bottom of the cup, but it was slippery and I couldn't quite get it (as the night before, the cup was just inside so it obviously doesn't go up high in me). So gave a little of that muscle pushing thing I read and as a result I could get my fingers holding it. Held it firmily in a little pinched fashion and pulled down on an angle gently and slowly this time. It came out without any ouch or discomfort at all. Gave it a good wash in hot soapy water and then put it back in again without any concern.
It's been in for about 1 and 1/2 hours now. I can feel the stem occasionally, but it's not hurting or annoying, and then I stop feeling it. It must move? I don't feel the cup inside at all, and except for a moment or two here and there I don't feel the stem, and I haven't even trimmed it yet. Once I am confident I don't need it that long I might make it half the length, but if I don't have any concerns with it leaving it the length it is I will leave it alone as I might end up creating a problem.
Will I have leakage problems? I don't know. I will have to wait and see over the next few cycles to see. Might try those exercises to tighten things up just to help myself out. I don't hear that suchion pop or whatever it is I've read about. And there doesn't seem to be a big suchion issue when I need to take it out. I hope that doesn't mean I am going to have major leakage problems.
So my experience has been quite positive. I expected big problems because I never get the hang of things first off, but I might be one of those getting the hang of the cup straight up.
A word for those of you having concerns with inserting. When I got the cup I sat there and read the leaflets. Like who hasn't read the info on the web a million times before the cup even comes!!! I tried folding it and found it would come open. I wondered how the heck I was going to keep it folded. It would bounce open, or I would feel like it was too hard to hold. Here's the secret. Sit there and practice what is going to give you a good hold. What DIDN'T work for me was to hold it with my fingerTIPS around the top. What DID work for me was to hold it with the pads of my fingers flat against just under the top BEFORE it starts to curve. I used 2 fingers with the pads flat against the cup and my thumb on the other side.
I did find that I could push it up a little when it was open inside. I did check with my finger around the cup to make sure it was open. It did seem to be fully round in the bell curved area. And I could tug on it and make it come down. And I can adjust it once I have it inside. I don't know if that's a good sign or a bad sigh. Any input anyone of that particular area.
I hope to keep using this cup, and I hope I am able to keep getting it in and out without any dramas. Of course I am full of those usual questions. Is it in far enough? Not enough? On the right angle? How often does it need changing? Etc.But until I am confident and am able to not worry about all those questions just I eventually did when I started using tampons all those years ago, I will use reusable pads when I go out, and at night until I know how the DivaCup and my body work together.
Sorry this is so long, but I thought it might help others. And wanted to share how it went with me and my DivaCup!!
Go Diva
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