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I actually feel lucky. I own a Divacup (size 1) that I bought locally from a drugstore (around here, that store is like the only place that carries cups, and then, only the Divacup...but I digress). After I figured out how to get it in with lube and folding, I've had no problems with it. The holes clean themselves easily once I fill with water and squeeze (although I usually clean it in the shower and use a larger patch of flat skin, like my thigh, but anyhow), I don't feel a thing when I have it in (other when it bubbles to tell me its full), no problems at all getting it to pop open, its super suction doesn't bother me at all (and makes me feel better that I won't lose it to the toilet while going to the washroom)...

Generally, my experience with Divacup has been only one point short of perfect: I've a short period (4 days), and on the first and second days, the blood just comes out in torrents. Literally I have to empty my Divacup in 2, maybe 3 hours on the second day otherwise I'd have the unfortunate experience of having to clean blood out of pants. This also leads to the fact that every period I'd have to clean a towel or something because I will leak during the heavy night, and I don't wake up without an alarm plus I'm not big on disturbing what little sleep I get (poor college student).

So, given that someone had posted earlier about Leastore offering 20% discount... Would a (larger) Lunette be worth it? I know its capacity is on par with the larger Diva (I think the smaller Diva's around 20 mL, larger Lunette and Diva both around 30 mL? Correct me if I'm wrong), but I've heard more stories here about people can't work with the larger Diva but can with the smaller one, while the Lunette seems to be a bit more forgiving in that aspect...

Thoughts? Suck it up? Buy a larger cup (although since Diva is the slimmest one and fits me well, dunno if any of the other larger cups would fit me badly? For reference, I can get one finger in easily, two fingers is also possible though feels fuller, three is not happening...). Would the extra 5 (10?) mL be worth it (it'd probably buy me another hour or so before I have to change)? As a broke college student, $40 CAD out of pocket is a fairly big expense...

Advice is dearly appreciated!

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