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Sincerely, Tiny Giny.

I have a tiny giny. I am married and have sex frequently.
When we have sexy time, we have to go very slow to get his penis inside of my vagina. Because of the smallness, yes. It's pretty uncomfortable for me, at first...not matter how wet I am. Eventually it gets really really enjoyable, duh. I have a disorder called Vaginismis (i know...lame) and it's the same concept as if a finger was coming near your eye, you blink to protect the eye. Yup...if something comes near my vagina, it closes up. It's psychological...but I dunno why I have it!
So my question is...with all this nonsense, can I still use a menstrual cup? Or am I better off with the reusable pads (yes, there is such a thing).
Tags: disabilities & health problems
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