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First excitement, then frustration!

I ordered a Divacup online about a week ago, and it arrived today!  And since I'm on ~ day 3 of my period, I figured its the perfect timing to try it out.  And thats when the frustration came in.  No matter what I did, I couldn't get it anywhere near in.  So I took a break, googled a bit, found this lj group, read over as many postings as I could, practiced different folds, and then tried again.  This time, I got it halfway in, but the pain was too great, so I had to take it out.  (random aside, I can attest to the great 'popping' ability of the cup!  I unknowingly let the folded cup pop, and splattered blood all over the floor.  Oops!).  I gave up trying again, because of the pain and discomfort after each trial.  And I read more posts here!  I read that fitting 3 fingers inside your vagina is approximately the amount of space needed.  So I tried this evening in the shower, and I can only fit one in, no chance of fitting 2 fingers, because of the pain.  I should probably add here that I am 20, petite in stature, and a virgin.  Are there any more suggestions out there on what I can do to insert the divacup?  I really do want to try it, as the full bathroom garbage can after each cycle always reminds me of the great waste that tampons/pads create!

Anyhow, I apologize for the verbose-ness, and if anything was TMI!
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