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just ordered the lunette

  Hi! I've never posted before, but have been watching this community for about a week. I'm soooo glad I stumbled upon this site! I have been trying to green my lifestye and was wondering in the back of my mind if there was any other options for women to handle their periods. I had never ever heard of menstrual cups, cloth pads, or sponges. Who know there was so many alt. options available! 

   I knew right away I wanted a menstrual cup. I just ordered a Lunette and can't wait for it to get here! The decision about which cup and size to choose was kind of overwelming, but I hope I chose wisely.  I am really thankful to have found this community. I can't wait to try it out!! I'll let everyone know how it goes. I'm so excited!

  Also, I'm pretty crafty so I've been making cloth pads like crazy! :D
Tags: lunette, pads - cloth, sizes/size issues

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