Confluence of Kitchen and Kink (dietrich) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Confluence of Kitchen and Kink

First-time poster: sizing?

Hi there! I'd no idea there was an entire LJ community for this; cool!

I'm 33, and I got my Diva cup a couple of years ago. I'm one of those strange people who in spite of being six feet tall and built, has a fairly small vagina. :) I've never had a child, but I had passed age 30, so I asked the Diva people which size I should get. They recommended the 2, simply because I'm over 30, I think.

At first blush, everything was fine, and I was completely in love with my cup. Often, though, I'd find that I had an almost impossible time getting it to pop open and sit properly. I'd usually finally get it with quite a bit of struggling, different positions, and sometimes a little lube, but it was annoying.

Lately, this problem has gotten worse. Especially during the first few days of my period when I need it to work best, my vaginal walls get a little swollen and tender, and it seems like the cup won't fit properly at all. Yesterday it kept leaking, and even when it *seemed* to be fully open inside me, I would still see red when I wiped, and spotted my underwear considerably.

So: should getting a size 1 solve this? Has anyone else had issues with sizing, and does this sound like a sizing issue or like something else?

Many thanks.
Tags: age, divacup, leakage & spotting, popping open, sizes/size issues
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