Kelly (linwetaralom) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Upside down with a cup? And weird sensations after insertion...

First off, thanks so much for creating and maintaining a community like this.  I'm planning to do Peace Corps at the end of the summer, and was vaguely curious about how I was going to get through menstrual madness in the villages of sub-Saharan Africa when I stumbled upon a cup user online; instant solution!

I picked up my Diva Cup today for the second day of my cycle, and after much less frustration and poking than anticipated, got it in with the origami fold.  Cool.  I'm a little nervous about removal tomorrow morning, but I figure I'll cross that bridge when I get there.  Immediately after I got it in, I wasn't able to tell if the cup was open or not.  I couldn't get it to twist around, but I thought I just might not have a good enough grip.  I also couldn't feel the side furthest from my spine; I think my vaginal wall was just too tight there?  Anyhow, I decided to just wait and see if it leaked.  About five minutes later, I felt a really weird sensation (really startling; not exactly painful, but my first reaction was "ow!") - maybe popping?  And then a couple minutes later, the same thing, only stronger.  Has anyone had similar experiences with it popping open twice?  It doesn't seem to be leaking, but my flow should be pretty light now anyhow.

Also: I'm involved in capoeira and end up doing a fair number of cartwheels, etc. on a weekly basis.  Theoretically I guess suction should prevent leaks even when I'm upside down, but the thought makes me a little nervous.  Has anyone done gymnastics or anything similar with their cup in?  Good/bad experience?

Thank you!!  You ladies are amazing =)

EDIT: Went to capoeira tonight, did some 30-odd cartwheels, and am happy to report no leaks!  This thing is amazing.  I'm turning into a convert...
Tags: first time use, popping open, sports/physical activities

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