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Some first impressions of my Ladycup...large size

Well I received my new Ladycup yesterday in the mail.  It took 12 days to ship from the Czech Republic to the U.S.  I was surprised that the packaging was different--not the box with the picture of the girl, but a plastic bag like the Lunette comes in.  I checked the Ladycup website, and I think maybe they've changed their packaging.  The instructions that came with it are well-written for the most part but do contain a few goofy phrases, good for a chuckle.

My period will start probably tomorrow or the next day, so the timing of its arrival was very good.  Obviously I can't review the performance of the cup until I can really put it to the test, but I done some dry runs already, and must say I'm impressed.   I don't have any more trouble getting it to open than I did with my Diva, even though its way softer than the Diva.  But I've had three babies, vaginally, so YMMV.  I can't spin it around because it's so soft, instead I just have to run a finger all around the outside of it to be sure it's fully open.  It's very comfortable to insert and remove--seriously I didn't realize how ouchy cups can be to remove until I tried this one--this doesn't give me any of that pain.

The other surprising thing--with those gigantic holes, I wasn't sure this cup would give any suction at all--but it does.  Really well, and you still have to break suction to remove it comfortably.  It's so comfy!  I just can't feel it at all--after awhile I couldn't feel the Diva either but with this, there was no adjusting to the feel of it--I just couldn't feel it.  The stem was more comfortable than the Diva or Mooncup UK stem, but I could feel it slightly, so I cut it down to a little stump, which I can't feel at all.  

Overall, if this thing doesn't leak, I'm in love and won't use anything else.
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