Anyone with that many tattoos... (there_she_went) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Anyone with that many tattoos...

So I'm about to find another home for my tampons and pads because after completing cycle 2 (and convincing my friend to buy one) I'm never using tampons or pads again. Cups FTW!

However, I realized that a lot of my female friends don't use cups and I was wondering, do any of you girls keep leftover tampons and pads just in case female guests need them? Should I keep them or toss them?

Edit: Improper wording on my part. I didn't mean throw away in the garbage, so I changed it. I'm starting to be less wasteful but going from total slob and not giving a damn to "Hey, wait, I need to change my lifestyle" is kinda hard to do overnight.

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