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I think I've finally gotten my cup in right (I've got a Keeper), after way too many tries. There were adventures with hymens that had to happen first. Anyway, one of the times I'd thought I'd got it in all the way but hadn't I cut some of the stem off. Now that I've finally figured out how to get it in the stem is short enough that digs into my labia. The Keeper website is very adamant that you don't cut the stem off but I'm not really seeing another solution--it's way too irritating to leave on.

Basically any advice anyone has would be great. Whether regarding the stem or suggestions on how to know it's actually in properly (cuz I'm still a little skeptical that I've figured it out.) or anything else at all.

Thanks so much.

--a still novice but eager user.
Tags: stem length/trimming

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