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Leastore sale (for Lunette menstrual cups)

Hey cuppers,

I just thought I would publicize the fact that Leastore (www.leastore.fi) will be giving a 20% discount on items purchased through their online store this weekend, including Lunette menstrual cups and cloth pads. I'm planning to buy a second Lunette, since I love mine *soooo* much (I'm actually going to buy the bigger size--I don't actually meet their guidelines for the smaller size, although it works fine with me. But I bet I could use the bigger one too and leave it in for a bit longer on my heavy days...)

Here are the details from the e-mail they sent me (the English translation is not mine):

"Leastore takes part Naisday exhibition for women in Turku, Finland on March 8.-9. We’d like to reward our loyal customers by giving here a sales code LS3H3 which allows 20% discount from one-time purchase during the weekend. When checking out on e-store the above mentioned code is asked and the discount will be calculated from all the products. Our product selection expanded in the beginning of February. Now there is a wider selection of cloth menstrual pads and pantiliners."

Also, if anyone has doubts about ordering a menstrual cup all the way from Finland, I can vouch for this store. They do a great job--my first cup arrived in less than a week (at the time I was living in Brooklyn, NY)! However, at least in my experience, it is *slightly* less discreet than some other companies because the customs declaration on the outside of the package says "hygiene product" or something like that. Not deathly embarrassing, but not completely discreet.

EDIT--When I was just poking around the store's website looking for postal rates, I noticed they also carry other menstrual cups: MoonCup, LadyCup (I guess that's a new one?), and DivaCup. I wouldn't think this is the cheapest place to get those, however... But I'm betting Leastore is the cheapest (and most reliable) place to get the Finnish-produced Lunette.
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