pixielady (kuwdora) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup Advertisement!

I know a bunch of people have had lovely experiences with their cup while traveling or doing any sort of activity that might be a little uncomfortable if you were wearing a pad. So I just thought ya'll might find it neat that the DivaCup has a banner on JourneyWoman.com, a travel website aimed at the solo traveling woman. I gotta say, as someone who's planning to go backpacking in Europe over spring break, I am SO HAPPY I have my cup because I would not want to be messing disposable icky products while traveling.

Know of any other places where the Diva or other menstrual cup is being advertised? Ever spread the word while traveling/camping with other women?

I went into one of the bathrooms on my campus (I'm studying in Scotland for the spring semester) and I was so freaking delighted to see someone had a MoonCup sticker pasted on the inside of the stall -- and people had even added their own praises for the cup by writing "best thing ever!" and "it's saved my life!" on the sticker itself. I added a big smiley face to the sticker.

cup love! <3
Tags: camping & backpacking

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