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a year of sucess!

this week marks the one year anniversary of the beautiful relationship between my cup and me!    i was thinking today that there's just NO way i could EVER go back!  and i realized how AMAZING it is to not have to worry about buying tampons and pads every month.   I owe my complete bliss to this community!  This is the most supportive and informative community i've ever encountered! and i know without all the support and info here, i would have never been brave enough to buy my cup!  so thank you, lovely ladies! :)

on another note, i was wondering what kinds of quirky names you all have for your periods?  i mean we all have heard of ones like "aunt flo" and all that.   but someone just posted how they're going to start calling their period "shark week"  and i thought that was a funny one.   

My entire menstruating life, i've referred to mine as "duck season"   and i just wondered what some of the other funny ones out there were!?!

and lastly,  a week or two ago i think i saw links for print outs of fliers to put in women's bathrooms for cup awareness...? 

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