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pain after a year's use?

guys i don't know what's going on!

i've been using the diva cup for a year and a couple of months. i've been meaning to switch because i still leak after trying multiple folds, moving it around, running toilet paper's around the opening to make sure excess blood isn't there, and all that jazz. but i haven't yet.

just wanted to give background that the first 3-4 days have always sucked for me. but this is the first time it's hurt so much that i don't want to put in my cup again.

yesterday(day 4) during the middle of the day my vagina hurt around the part that was at the end of the cup. it felt like it was being poked by sharp finger nails or something like that. it also felt like it was really dry despite the fact that i'm bleeding. i took it out in the shower and after i wiped myself in the shower it felt dry down there. i have some lube so i figured maybe if i put some on that'd help, i put it on and it felt kinda rough compared to normal...kinda because it wasn't extremly rough. during the middle of my period sometimes i stop bleeding for a couple of minutes/hours and then it starts up again, and since it 'stopped' i figure to not wear it.

my bleeding started again(like normal)this morning so i figured i should put it back in, but it still feels really dry and somewhat sore.

anyone expereince this? what's going on?!

some extra info:
1.i tried different folds once but not really the whole period..this period i've been constantly using the punch fold.
2.i had to change in public twice this period, whereas i usually haven't in the past.
3.after i take it out, i get toilet paper and wipe around my vagina to take away the blood in hopes that this will decrease the amount of bleeding on my underwear. also whenever i did see some bleeding come through i took a toilet paper and ran some of it around my cup/vagina area to make sure there's not any remains from there while the cup was still in me.
4. i had sex multiple times without lube 2 weeks and a couple of days before my period. the last time this happened it was my first time having piv sex and it ended up leaving my vagina irritated and it had a tear. this time i did it without lube because i ordered some and it didn't come in and i didn't want to spend money when i knew i was getting a big sampler pack in a couple of days. after that i didn't notice any bad effects the week after, so i figure if i had a tear or anything like that that would irritate my vagina i'd already know(the last time it happened a couple of days latter). but just want to put it out incase that could have been the case.

these are the only different things i can really recall about this round of period. so can someone help me, it hurts :( and i don't want to stop using a cup just because it hurts and i don't want to put it in! i defiantly can't(would really hate to)go back to the regular pads/tampons out there. thanks for help/suggestions.
Tags: chafing/irritation

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