Carmen (carmen) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Yet another removal question...

I'm the brand-new user of a DivaCup, and am totally excited about it. However, I'm really struggling with removal, and after poking around there for a while I was pretty sore and dry, and still had the cup up there. I lubed up my fingers and that eventually helped me get it out, but not after a bit of a struggle. My main problem is figuring the easiest way to break the seal - pinching the base doesn't really seem to do anything, so i have to get my finger pretty much all the way up there and squash in the side. I've tried bearing down, but it only moves a little bit, and always slips right back up, sometimes further, as soon as I relax. I've also tried rocking it back and forth, but I'm guessing that only really works if it's pretty far out already. Is there an easier way to get the cup out that I'm just flaking out on?

Also, I'm assuming that lube won't hurt it at all, but if there's any reason to think it would, please let me know!
Tags: removal - painful or problems

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