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First Try Mooncup UK

Had a very light flow this morning for the first day of my period and inserted the cup using the punchdown fold.  It went in, no problem, though I think I put it up too far at first (I'm used to using OB tampons).  So I pulled it down lower and it didn't feel as crowded, but it's so low that the bottom of the cup is right at the vaginal opening.  I'm thinking that this happens to a lot of women because I've seen it in multiple posts since I started reading this community.  After wearing it for an hour while I was getting ready, the stem started to bother me - and oddly enough, the cup tilts itself back and to the right, so the stem was actually poking my inner thigh.  (ha)  When I tried to remove the cup to trim the stem, it was really hard to get out.  Not so much painful (though I'm not particularly sensitive) but I definitely felt a strong suction that was hard to break even when trying to hook the top of the cup.  It kept suctioning back and it was hard to get my finger in far enough to catch the edge.  I'm wondering how much more squat the other cups are and if it would be easier to reach the rim with another brand.  I tried stretching the holes on the cup with a straight pin to ease the suction, but it didn't seem to actually change their shape.  The holes sort of went back to the way they were even after a lot of pulling and stretching.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong.  So I've had it in all day and my cervix feels sensitive - almost the same feeling I get when I've just had a pap-smear.  Could it be poking me there?  I'm not sure.  Maybe it's the suction issue from this morning leaving me sensitive.  Have to go figure that out in a bit.  What I do love is that I don't feel dry inside like I do with tampons - tampons in comparison are so scratchy and uncomfortable when compared with the silicone.  But the cup feels big.  Maybe I just have to get used to it.  I would appreciate any thoughts and feedback... sorry if I'm doubling up questions.  I have done a lot of reading in the community, but I still don't feel quite confident... 
Tags: first time use, mooncup (uk), stem length/trimming

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