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I Think I've Finally Done It!

Convinced someone to convert to cups, that is! I've been trying to sell my 14 year old sister on the concept of cups for a little while now, and I think she may actually be excited to try it! I'm planning on buying her one for her birthday this month if she decides she wants to go ahead with it. I believe she's an avid pad user, and only uses tampons sparingly for swimming and such. Basically I'm trying to determine which cup would be best for her. The Diva Cup is easily accessible for me, as I live in Toronto, ON, Canada. But based on my research on this site, a lot of younger girls appear to prefer the Lunette. Is this actually the case? Then there's the new Lady Cup that's super tiny... or maybe that was the Femme Cup... I can't remember, but I'm sure you know which one I'm referring to! I know it's hard to comment on these two as they are so new and not many of us have tried them yet.

I really want to ensure that her first experience is a good one so that she continues to use it. I also can't afford to buy her two cups if the first one doesn't work out for her. Can the other cups (Mooncup, Lunette, Femme Cup, Lady Cup) be easily shipped to Canada? I suppose that would rule a few of them out if they couldn't.

Anyway, any comments would be much appreciated! We're on our way to having one more "Cupper" in the world!!

(And wow!! I was trying to calculate how much I would have saved if I began using a cup when I first started menstruating to highlight the positives to my mom and sister... if I estimate $5 per month for pads/tampons, that's a whopping $700 +!!!!  Considering I'll have my period for at least another 25-30 years, I'm sure glad I made that one time investment!!).
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions
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