Everything is amazing and nobody is happy. (monkey_kong) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Everything is amazing and nobody is happy.

Newbie questions + too small?

I just joined after deciding to research this whole menstrual cup thing. I have a friend who uses a DivaCup and highly recommends them, and I went to a store here that sells them just to see what they look like. I'd really like some advice and stories. I want to try a DivaCup, but I am very nervous that I won't be able to. I'm afraid I'm too small.

All of the entries I saw relating to size I saw in the memories were about virgins. I am not. But I'm really small. I actually just recently lost my virginity after several failed attempts completely having to do with how small I am. And it still hurts. I am so small that I cannot use tampax because they hurt too bad (especially when I try to take them out, OUCH!), and I cannot get more than one finger in without it hurting. It isn't just width that I am concerned with, but also length. When I wear tampons, they sit very close to the opening. I have not had a pelvic exam but I suspect my cervix is pretty low. Last time I had sex, the guy I'm seeing told me I kept pushing him out when I moved. And when I used to use the NuvaRing, it would sometimes peak out (painfully) because of my size. Could the stem poking out be an issue? I know you can trim it completely off, is there any reason NOT to? If you don't need it, why is it there? Are there any folks here that find a use for it? Are there any ways of making the vagina bigger to accommodate larger objects?

The only tampons I can wear without discomfort are playtex, because of the tapered shape. That is the only way I can get it out. I am afraid that, even with folding, the DivaCup may be too large to put in without extreme discomfort. If I can get it in at all. I have seen the pictures of the menstrual cup side-by-side with a tampon. My issue is not entirely with the size, but with the shape as well.

Any advice at all would be much appreciated.
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