ladycontent (ladycontent) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup Pouch Inquiries


I badly want to make a pouch for my Diva cup, but I can't seem to find my little portable sewing machine (I HOPE it wasn't sold at the garage sale last year!!!) But I had a few questions...

Is flannel breathable enough to store the cup in? I remember seeing the cutest patterns in flannel, but wanted to ensure that it would allow my cup "to breathe" prior to using those. If not, what fabrics are more suitable?

Annnd secondly... does anyone on here make pouches that I could buy off of in case I can't find my machine? (and also because I can't really sew LOL). For some reason I've been craving a pouch with cupcake designs on it (although any cute pattern would be great!).

Anyway, take care!!
Tags: cup pouch & storage

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