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Diva Pouch (busy night :D)

Although I have fallen in love with my diva, and would never get rid of it for anything; I have never liked its silly little pouch. Purple and daisies are just not things I associate with happiness (especially around that time of the month). But I know some people like them quite a bit so...

I will send the pouch to anyone who wants it. Whether you love the Diva pouches specifically, or you just want a new pouch for no reason... its yours.

I took the cup out of the box, and it never actually made it inside the baggie, but in playing with the strings one day they kinda popped out. So here is a picture of the diva bag with some yarns I have, pick out whichever you like and I'll restring it before I send it out.

The yarns at about 3 o' clock and 12 o'clock (relative to the bag) have this really funky/fluffy texture.

*First to comment gets the bag.

and of course I couldn't my cup without a baggie so I made a new one...

Have a lovely evening!
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