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response from gyno?

I'm not sure if this has ever been asked before, sorry if it has...

When I got my diva cup in december my mother was just a smidge apprehensive. She said that the next time she went to her gyno she was going to ask him about it. She has since become much more receptive to the idea of menstrual cups, but still wanted to ask when she went today.

Apparently when she mentioned it he took on a very confused look, and said he had never heard of them. So she proceeded to explain. After that, the same look, accompanied by an "it sounds like it would encourage bacteria growth," which my mother defended against (go mom!). She told him that not a lot of women in the United States use them, but they seem much more popular in Europe. His response to this was a really, very offensive "Oh, people in all these other countries do things to themselves that have never been approved."

So this got me thinking about 2 things-

1. what other gynecologists are on our insurance plan, so I dont have to deal with this fool, and
2. If you've ever talked to your gyno about cups, what has been their response?

Thanks ladies, for all your help!

Edit: 8:20 pm: Mea Culpa, and thanks for catching that Ide_cyan. Inhibit is now encourage. I think I was thinking of bacteria inhabiting the area lol.
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