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Repost of my review of Lady Cup and some Femmecup thoughts.

I posted this in this thread: http://community.livejournal.com/menstrual_cups/1039343.html?nc=20 but for those who hadn't seen it.... here it is again.

Lady Cup,
The silicone is different to the other cups - a lot more flexible.. bit more "rubbery" feeling (like slightly sticky - like a baby bottle teat). So folding it is very easy. The stem is shorter than the other cups stems (pics below show the uncut lengths of all the stems), and because the silicone is more flexible than the others, the stem is softer (even than the Lunette).

No markings outside or inside at all - no brand name and no measurement markings. At the base there are some very slightly raised bumps (for gripping presumably).

I've luckily got my period now, so I'm able to try it out straight away. As I said, folding it is easy - much easier than the other cups. You could easily fold it into an S shape if you wanted. But I found it quite hard to open up once inserted. Because it's a bit too flexible I think, it doesn't want to pop open like the others... so it took a fair bit of "stirring" to get it to open up properly. Without wishing to sound all "my vag is so tight...", Women who have birthed vaginally might find it pops open a little easier... and the smaller size might open easier too... not sure. I found the smaller Diva didn't open as well for me as the larger Lunette or Mooncup... so all the cups are different.

I can feel the stem slightly, it's not uncomfortable, I can just feel it if I think about it. I'd be happy to leave it uncut - but then I also keep my Lunette's stem uncut (by comparison I would cut 2/3 of the Mooncup (UK) and keeper stems off and about 1/2 the Diva stem if I was using those).

Removal was a breeze... the most comfortable cup to remove I find...I guess it's the softer silicone. Its the most comfortable cup to insert too - just the hassle with it opening...

The holes are really easy to clean. With the Lunette and Mooncup I have to fill the cup with water, put my palm over it and squeeze the cup so water squirts out the holes (with the Diva I had to use a pin to poke them clean), but the Lady Cup's holes came clean when I was rinsing it under running water.... no filling and squirting required.

It was easier to get in the second time, and easier again the 3rd.... Still more problem unfolding than I normally have with other cups, but less hassle that before. Might be a bit of a learning curve. I'm using the C fold, other folds might work better, I'll have to try next time. Part of the problem is that because its so soft, when you poke your finger around to see if it's open properly, you have to be careful not to push on the cup because that makes it dent in.

Some comparison pics with the other cups I have:

It does look more "bargain" priced than the other cups - with the lack of measurement lines or writing on the outside, and the look to the silicone yes, I have to agree there.... but it is also a bargain price.

I don't know if it is actually thinner than the other cups... it's softer and clearer, which makes it feel thinner - but it could be the same thickness..... the other cups have a thicker part near the rim, which makes them seem thicker, and is probably one of the reasons the Lady Cup is easier to fold (the bottom point is like the Lunette, with less silicone there than the flat bottomed Diva, keeper ands Mooncup). I think the lack of that rim part is also what contributes to it looking cheaper too...

It is definitely thick enough to do the job, I wouldn't worry about the thickness of the silicone.


I haven't had a chance to try the cup out yet, as I got it today. But my initial observations are here.

The bag it comes in is like a lighter weight (thinner fabric) version of the Mooncup bag (unbleached cotton). I also got a stack of (very nice) flyers to hand out. The cup itself is virtually identical to the Mooncup (UK). The only difference I can see is the Mooncup has rings around the base and stem to grip with and the Femmecup has a spiral instead. The Femmecup has a clearish white silicone, which is much more appealing than the yellowish Mooncup. It feels stiffer than all the other cups I have, but it folds reasonably easily.... it's almost like the silicone is more plasticky than the more rubbery feel of the other cups. The stem seems to be thicker (it's the hollow tube kind), so I imagine that to feel quite pokey.

The holes are tiny, probably the same size as the Diva. I tried filling it, putting my palm over it and squeezing the cup - which is how I clean out the holes... and no water would squirt out (like with Diva), but it does squirt out the Mooncup holes... so they are different.

Its got the website address in raised letters on the inside, and 2 measurements 15mls and 7.5mls inside. Flat bottomed but no size marking (since it comes in one size only - which appears to be the same as the smaller Mooncup). Nothing on the outside except the spiral and the thick rim (like Mooncup). The spiral on the stem is quite attractive I find.
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