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The ladycup post

Vital stats:

Website: http://www.ladycup.eu/
Manufactured in: Czech republic
International shipping: Yes, but don't know how much it costs
Price direct from seller: €24.99, or €27.99 for a 'luxury pack' including lubricant and sterilising tablets
Material: Silicone, colourless/clear
Squishiness: Very thin material and uber squishy. Can pretty much be squashed into any shape, or just crushed in your fist with little resistence.
Sizes: 'Small', recommended for under 25s and women who have not given birth, 'Large', for over 25s or women who have given birth
Rim: there, but thin in all directions
Holes: huge, slanted, and alternate heights in a zig zag pattern(see photo)
Stem: hollow, with raised dots
Branding: none

Other observations
...Since this one's a little bit different.

  • I'm so happy they provide lube. I emailed the Mooncup co with that idea about a year ago, and they said they'd consider it, but I don't think they've done it.

  • This cup is the one with the biggest difference between the two sizes. That's why I've included both in all the photos, it seemed unrepresentative to only show one, unlike in the others where you can barely tell which is which close up. The ickle one is absolutely teeny, assuming it works fine it might make a really good nonthreatening one for someone very young.

  • The holes are so massive and the whole thing so squishy and rimless I wonder whether it would be able to hold its shape, or seal at all. Perhaps that's why the under-25s cup is so teeny, because it would get squished out of shape if it was as large as the other brands? I might actually give it a try next time I have a period, just out of curiosity and because I suspect we won't get many members trying it for a while. I'll be changing it annoyingly often, though.

  • The English instructions are translations, and as entertainingly unhelpful as translations often are. There are some great phrases like 'If your LadyCup runs through, check proper insertion position. ... Check the patency of small pressure openings.' And the bit on how to use the Milton tablets looks like it was just copy pasted from their standard babble, as it makes repeated references to baby's feeding bottles etc (the main use for Milton sterilising stuff) rather than cups.

Obsessive measurements:

These are my own measurements.


Measuring lines: none
Vol until (lowest) holes: 17.5 ml
Vol until rim: 27.5 (sidenote: it leaked through the holes as I was filling it, hehe)
Diameter: 4cm
Height including stem: 6.8 cm
Height of cup itself: 4.8 cm


Measuring lines: none
Vol until (lowest) holes: 30
Vol until rim: 40 (holes also leaked when the cup got this full)
Diameter: 4.6 cm
Height including stem: 7cm
Height of cup itself: 5.6 cm


Click for larger, and then if you so desire, click again for obscenely large.


Contents of packaging (deluxe version!). Two Milton sterilising tablets, a sachet of lube, instructions, and the cup in a cloth bag.

The two cups standing next to each other, with a 10p coin.

Laid flat

Side by side

The stems

The rim, and the big, slanted holes. By the way, if you look carefully, you can see the material is sort of textured, not smoothed out like the other cups.

Inside the cups

I can't remember why I took this shot any more, but you can have it anyway.

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