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The lunette post

Squishiness ratings coming soon. Anything else that should be added to these?

Vital stats:

Website: http://www.lunette.fi
Manufactured in: Finland
International shipping: Yes, but don't know how much it costs
Price direct from seller: £19.99 (I was looking at the GB version of the site)
Material: Silicone, white/frosted
Sizes: size 1, recommended for teens, size 2, standard size
Rim: not very thick or tall
Holes: large and not tucked away
Stem: flat, with grip
Branding: 'Lunette' and 'Made in Finland' on the outside of the cup just below the rim

Obsessive measurements:

These are my own measurements. The manufacturer's can be found here.

Size 1 (recommended for teens and 'young women')

Measuring lines: Unmarked. I measured them as 7.5 ml and 15 ml
Vol until holes: 25 ml
Vol until rim: 30 ml but only just
Diameter: 4.1 cm
Height including stem: 7.7cm (no really, including this cup's a bit taller than the bigger one)
Height of cup itself: 5.0cm (there you go)

Size 2

Measuring lines: Unmarked. I measured them as 10 ml and 17.5 ml
Vol until holes: 30 ml
Vol until rim: 37.5
Diameter: 4.5 cm
Height including stem: 7.3 cm (I'm getting better at measuring these suckers!)
Height of cup itself: 5.6 cm


Click for larger, and then if you so desire, click again for obscenely large.

Thanks to levlani for the photo.

Contents of packaging
I wasn't sent them in the packaging, so if anyone wants to donate a photo they're welcome. I did get some wet wipes though, and apparently some people have got candy!

The cup, with a 10p coin for scale
I've used the larger one here, as they only recommend the smaller one for teens.

Stem detail, and 'made in finland' on rim

Detail of the rim - holes, 'Lunette' branding and measuring lines on outside of cup

Inside the cup

The two sizes side by side (the stems are at different angles)

The two sizes circumference comparison

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