thatsmealright (thatsmealright) wrote in menstrual_cups,

How it's going.

Here's an overview of cup use this far (I'm not bothering to keep you updated on the next 2 or three days because they're so light that' I'm not worried).

Day 1: I made a post about day one already, but I'll sum it up with "perfect."

day 2: I put it in the same way as day 1 but it leaked! It was more leaking than I've had with a tampon and I was disappointed. When I took it out, it was a mess. On day one, I practically didn't get anything on my hands.

I switched to tampons at night because it just wasn't working.

Day 3:
Used tampons all day.

Day 4:
This is usually a medium flow day. It was much lighter than usual, which is probably a good thing because the thing was leaking and when I took it out all the blood was on the outside and hardly anything inside.

Day 5:
This is usually a medium/light day. No leaking. Yay!

So my question is: Why was there leaking at all? I'm pretty sure I did everything the same and if it handled heavy day 1 with only 1/3 of the cup full, why couldn't it handle only-a-little-heavier day 2? Same goes for much lighter day 4.

I'm debating not bringing this on my trip at all. Any advice on how to deal with changing in a bathroom where the sink may not even be near the toilet? The holes are always clogged when I remove it and I usually have to use a pin to clean them so I don't know how dabbing it with some TP would do the trick. From the looks of it, I should be able to go 12 hours every day.

Even if I don't bring this on my trip, I am hooked and will definitely continue use. :]

That was long. Thankyou if you actually read the whole thing!

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