oceansolitude (oceansolitude) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New member with some questions

My name is Becca I have been using cloth pads for a few months, which work great when I am at home or school, but I work in an all male environment and am not a purse carrying type of woman, so cloth pads don't work for work days. I ended up using tampons on work days those past few months. I wanted something reusable that I could do at work so I bought a cup.
I am doing my first dry run and have some questions. I tried looking for this question/answer and had no luck.
Is the cup supposed to pop completely open and round? Mine seems to be a bit squished and flat. When I feel the cup it seems like it is suctioned flat. Should I enlarge the holes so there is less suction? Or is it normal to not open completely round? Thanks.
Tags: popping open
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