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Cups and clots

Hey all!

I posted a few days ago about receiving my DivaCup in the mail. I was very excited about getting to try it out when my period arrived -- which was due to be yesterday, and it arrived right on time. The only problem was, I wasn't able to get it boiled before then, so I decided to wait until next month to put her to work. :)

In hindsight, that's....probably a good thing, considering what happened very early this morning.

Around 3 AM, I was playing Sims 2 on my laptop when I felt this....sensation. Like something was...well, sorry for the TMI, but like something was kind of sliding out of me. I knew from experience it was probably a rush of blood, so I bolted for the bathroom to see if I coulld get my pad changed before my pajama pants got ruined.

When I got to the bathroom, I saw that I had passed the biggest clot I've ever seen. It was actually kind of terrifying. And it was nearly black. I know it's normal to have black clots at times, but man. This was unlike anything I've ever seen. I've had clots before (and they've become more common since I started on POPs in November) but this was....wow. Like I said, I was a bit scared, frankly. If I wasn't 1000% sure I wasn't pregnant, I would have thought I was having a miscarriage....

And then, after I cleaned up and came back to my room, I started wondering. If I'd had my DivaCup in, I seriously, seriously doubt that the cup could have held this thing. Plus, it was gelatinous, so I don't even think it would have gone into the cup. I'm actually really thankful I wasn't wearing my cup last night, because I feel like that thing was better off out of me than in.

So that brings me to my question: Does anyone know how the cup deals with clots? Like I said, clots of varying sizes are common during my period these days, and I can only assume that they'll be something I'll have to deal with (although hopefully nothing like the monster I passed last night.) I just want to know if I'll be able to use my cup after all, or if it'll have to be stuck in a drawer forever.
Tags: heavy blood flow
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