creolebutterfly (creolebutterfly) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Ridin' Up or Just Finding a Good Place to Hang Out?

Hi everyone! Just wrapping up my second cycle with the Diva Cup and it's going much better than the first time. Thanks to all of your posts, I was able to figure out how to fold (origami style is great!) and remove my cup... I'm so glad to be getting free of tampons and pads!

This time around, my main concern is about how far up the cup goes.  To get my cup out, I have to really bear down and grab the tip.   I haven't had any leaks and it's been comfortable.  I've read I can't lose it, so I'm not worried so much about that...but I'm wondering if the riding up is a sign that I need size 2 instead of size 1? Anyone have some advice?  Would a size 2 stay a little lower? 

(And thanks, thought_ribbons for suggesting I post this as new.)
Tags: insertion, sizes/size issues
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