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Yes! Lunette is love!

So, I FINALLY got my period yesterday, after waiting a day and a half! And now, having been bleeding for a little over a day, I must say that I am VERY impressed with my Lunette! I can't believe I didn't try this earlier just because it was "gross." It's not so bad after all! And the benefits DEFINITELY outweigh the one con. Today, I honest-to-God COMPLETELY FORGOT that I was on my period! Completely! It was a pretty neat moment when I realized that I had forgotten. Score one for Lunette! :)

I'm also really glad I chose this brand/cup. I was worried about my typically heavy first day(s), and I also thought that the Lunette's smoother surface would be a definite plus. Y'know what? Right on both counts! Each time I've changed the Lunette (about 5 hour gaps, minus overnight) the blood hasn't even been up to the first marker (7.5ml). I'm sure that if I needed to, I could go 8 hours without changing it... possibly even longer on my light days! I am way too happy about this little thing. And wow, cleaning is a breeze! Just rinse under running water and if need be, scrub a little with your fingers - and voila! Nice and clean. So far only one of the air holes has gotten clogged, and only once (after wearing overnight), but that's so easy to fix with the hand-on-top-and-squeeze method.

And the best part? NO LEAKS! Not even on the first try! I wore a pantyliner all of yesterday as well as overnight, but leaks did not come. It works beautifully!

I am totally enjoying this thing. My friend (who ordered her own Lunette a little after I did, and who was talking to me online when I put my order in) has been getting an earful of Lunette praise from me, hehe!

I utterly love my Lunette, and I want to thank everyone here for their help (ie: old posts which I read, as well as comments to my inquiring posts)! This community is wonderful. :)
Tags: first time use, lunette, success stories
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