Turtleandlizard (zappy_snapps) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I got my diva cup!

Ok, so I first heard about cups about a year and a half about, but I only recently actually considered buying one (I'd only ever used pads, really, so when I found out about cloth pads, I went for them instead). Well, when I heard about the sale going on, divas for about 17 bucks plus shipping, I finally got one! It just arrived in the mail today, and I'm so excited!

    It's so soft, and flexible! And there's only 4 holes around the rim :P (For some reason, I thought there were like, 20! I have no idea how I go that impression! )

I so do want to try it out, but I won't because I want to use it as an example in a alternative menstrual products workshop Tuesday, and I want to be able to say that it's unused so people won't be...hesitant to touch it. :)

So to divert all my curiosity, I've been playing with it, doing all the folds and such. I think the labia fold is the most fun.  I also did the trick where you fill it with water, push it against your palm and squeeze to clear the holes- and got a big wet spot on my shirt for the effort. Hehehe, this is so much fun! But still I really want to try it out!
Tags: first time use
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