Jen (atarisemochick) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I love you guys already!

I just found out about Divacups YESTERDAY and I ran to my local Whole-foods like store (ours is called EarthFare) and picked one up, along with some seasponge tampons if this doesn't work out, as I'm expecting my period sometime this weekend and wanted to make sure I was prepared. I haven't had a period in a couple of months and the thought of buying tampons made me cringe because I HATE paying that much for them! So anyway, I belong to a blog called Ideal Bite and they did an article yesterday about Keeper and Mooncups, so I did some research and learned about the Diva.

I've tried a couple of dry runs and got really frustrated... so I got back on the blog I read yesterday to see if anyone had some advice and found a link to you guys. I tried the "labial fold" and BAM! It fits!!

I also had some questions about "I wonder if other people deal with this" and searched in the community and found my answers!! This is a great community and FULL of information. You ladies ROCK! There should be a community like this on ivillage to get the word out about this wonderful invention. I can't wait to get my period (and I really don't think I've said that EVER) so I can write about my first cycle with my Diva. I think I'll call her DeeDee :)
Tags: dry run
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