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Making Cloth Pads

Hey everyone!

I'm not sure if this post is appropriate, as it's nearly strictly about cloth pads, so please feel free to delete it if this is not the place for it. Anyway, I use the Diva Cup, and I sometimes experience leaking. As a result, I commonly use a disposable panty liner, which to me, is completely defeating the purpose of using a reusable product. So basically I've decided that as soon as my workload subsides (I'm graduating from university in a few months... yayyy!) I'm going to start making some cloth pads for myself and my family. I have the urge to donate some through Good for Girls as well.

I've started looking up patterns and designs, and found that many patterns call for a terry cloth insert. This is understandable for a heavier pad, but do you think it's necessary with a panty liner? What I envisioned was a small, cute panty liner made with pretty patterns and a snap fasten. However, I wanted to create something that had a removable top layer, so that basically throughout the day, I don't have the change the entire liner, but just the top layer. How would I go about attaching this layer? Would velcro work, or would that be terribly uncomfortable? And is it necessary to include the terry cloth insert? Any ideas, experiences or patterns are highly appreciated!

Thanks Ladies!!
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