lynzee_nicole (lynzee_nicole) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup to use with IUD

I've really been wanting to get a cup, but I've heard that it may not be the best idea if you have an IUD.  I have a Paragard.  But, I've also had lots of people tell me that it's not a problem to use a cup with an IUD, so I'm considering chancing it anyway.  I just have reservations on which cup to get.  I have a pretty heavy flow, so I want a cup that will be able to handle that without having to empty it constantly, but I also want a cup that is kind of short, so that it's easy to remove, making it less likely that I'll pull out my IUD by accident.  I've also heard that suction could possibly dislodge an IUD, so I was wondering if maybe some cups had less suction than others (I know you can widen the holes to help with that.) 

Do any of you use cups with an IUD?  Specifically a Paragard (I'm concerned with the heavy flow).  What cup do you use?  Any warnings or suggestions?

Tags: iud
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