Regina Phalange (mootilda23) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Regina Phalange

wanted to tell people who understand

These 2 things...
1st thing-
I just finished my 2nd cycle with my Diva cup and I don’t know why I did not do this years ago. I absolutely LOVE it. It makes my period so much easier and my cramps are less painful. I also suspect that it may shorten the time I have my period but I will wait for more conclusive proof. I am 32 and I have had my period since I was 11 yrs old and to think all the time I could have been using the cup.

2nd thing-
I am a teacher so I work with a lot of women. I was telling some people at work about the cup and they were asking questions. One woman that I don’t particularly get along with overheard us and was disgusted. She mentioned several times about germs. To quote her “you know how I am about germs and that is just too gross for me.” I will probably never say anything to her about it but it just annoyed me. I am not nasty and what is in my cup came out of me. It is not like I ask others to remove it or witness me remove it. I honestly don’t see how it is any grosser than tampons. And to be frank I think pads are kind of gross. I just wanted to relate this story to some women will understand. Oh well I love my cup no matter how “gross and germy” it is. :)
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