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The mooncup post

The things I do for you guys, seriously. This is not nearly interesting enough to justify the half hour I just spent making these posts :P

Vital stats:

Website: http://www.mooncup.co.uk/
Manufactured in: UK
International shipping: yes, free
Price direct from seller: £18.99 (including postage worldwide)
Material: Silicone, yellowish (can be whitened with sterilising solution)
Sizes: two: B ('before birth') and A ('after birth')
Rim: thick
Holes: quite small, just under the rim
Stem: Hollow
Branding: 'www.mooncup.co.uk' on inside of rim

Obsessive measurements:

Manufacturer data: http://www.mooncup.co.uk/menstrual_cup_model.html. These are my own measurements.

Size A

Measuring lines: 7.5ml and 15ml (accurate according to my measuring spoon)
Vol until holes: 25ml
Vol until rim: 40ml
Diameter: 4.6cm
Height including stem: 7.2cm (difficult to be accurate with this one)
Height of cup itself: 5cm

Size B

Measuring lines: 6ml and 12ml (accurate according to my measuring spoon)
Vol until holes: 20ml
Vol until rim: 35ml
Diameter: 4.4cm
Height including stem: 7cm (difficult to be accurate with this one)
Height of cup itself: 4.7cm


Click for larger, and then if you so desire, click again for obscenely large (except the first one).


The cup

With a 10p coin for scale

Detail of the cup

Detail of the rim

Detail of branding

Side by side of two sizes (not very different are they!)

Size comparison part two

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