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Folding pics!

Hello everyone!

I noticed recently that the awesome post with folding pictures is dead.  All the photos don't work.  So I took it upon myself to take some pics for everyone.  I know I missed the labial fold, but I can never get it to fold right, and there are already pics of that, and one more recent one.  Maybe we should tag those posts?

Anyway, in case someone who is not a current cup user stumbles accross this post, here are a couple pics to give you an idea of how big the cup is.  It is a smaller size DivaCup, as I am 15 and a complete virgin.  Excuse the zany bedsheets.  Haha!  My room's colourful. :)

The first fold is the C-fold (also called U-fold.  Go figure) that most cup companies suggest.  A lot of people find this fold too wide and ouchy. :)

This is the punch-down.  Nice and pointy, but some find it a little wide at the base.  I liked it fine, but I always had a problem with it not popping open correctly.  A half-hour after insertion I'd feel this wildly crazy pop.  Whoops!

First, a couple on how to do it, and then a couple of the fold complete.

Complete fold:

This next fold  is the 'origami fold'.  I've heard it called other things, but can't remember.  It's also possible that I've seen variations on this one.  Not sure.

How to do it:

(Sorry the first one's weird, it's hard to take it of yourself)

Complete fold:

This is the seven-fold.  My personal all-time favourite.  What I like about it is that it is fairly point and fairly even all the way down.  It is also easy to 'manually' pop open if it doesn't do it on it's own.  '

Starting the fold:


This is the 'Squiggle fold'.  I just made it up, and it looks as uncomfortable as all get out...but I had fun making it up, so I'll post it.  I doubt it would really work very well though.  :)  Hey, maybe you could insert it long ways, like with one end of the squiggle insterted first as the point.  No idea.  You've gotta admit, though, it looks cool.


There you go!  If I've forgotten some vastly important fold, comment me, and I'll edit this entry and add it. :)  

EDIT:  I've added pics on how to do all but the C-fold, as that is self-explanatory.  If you think I should add text to the how-to, comment. :)

Hope that helps some.  :D

God bless,
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