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Question re:Cups and young/virgin users


I'm new to this community but not to menstral cups.  I've had a Diva for a couple of years and have successfully converted any of my friends who would listen.  

My daughter is fast approaching the onset of menstration.  We've talked about different products and options that are available for use during a woman's period and she's expressed intrest in something like my DivaCup.   

My daughter is very active, she does Karate and Competative Gymnastics and she loves to swim.  She's worried that cloth pads will be too bulky for her regular activities and tend to agree--a pad under a gym suit is a little noticable when your butt's up in the air with your legs spread. ;)  

My main concern here is that Kiddo is only 10, soon to be 11, and an intact virgin.  She is very small/thin though tall for her age.  I just can't imagine there being enough room "in there" for her to insert a cup, let alone the whole ordeal of it possibly tearing her hymen in the process of insertion and removal. I have suggested that for daily use, she use cloth pads, which we can swe together as a fun project if she likes.  For the gym, swimming, etc, we could purchase organic, unbleached tampons for now, and when she's a little older, get her a cup.

Does anyone have any advice or experience with this subject/situation?  Anything you can toss out would be helpful.

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