raindropsie (raindropsie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hydrogen Peroxide


So, my cup is a bit discoloured. The holes were getting pretty bad but I was able to wash them out with rubbing alcohol a toothbrush and soap. The rubbing alcohol doesn't really do anything for the discolouration though. I bought some hydrogen peroxide, a 6% solution. I know previously people have said they've put their cup in a 50/50 solution for a couple of hours. Was this 1) 50% pure hydrogen peroxide with 50% water or 2) 50% of 3-6% (that's what I could buy it in) with 50% water. I have a feeling it was no. 1 , so do you reckon a mere 6% will be enough to do anything? Also, I don't want to leave it in too long in case something goes wrong, don't have much of a backup at the moment.

Also, I just wanted to rave about my new success. I've been using divacup for two years now, but three months into it I started to leak. now I had leakage problems for a while, trying different methods and not giving up, and one stage there I was using the origami fold technique all the time. Now however, for the past 2-3 months I've had no problems! I've been using the 7-fold method and haven't been pushing it up as far and sticking my finger right up there to see if there is a seal, I'm jsut able to tug on it now and feel confident enough it will work. I'm so happy because it really does make life easier.

I'm not overly fussed about this cleaning thing, as you can tell it's been two years and I haven't done a thing except for rinsing in hot water (and soap very occasionally). I must admit though, I stopped rinsing in hot water every change and that's when the holes started to get filthy, I think it also started to discolour faster. anyway, jsut wanted some answers on the peroxide so I can start a soak!

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