Natalie (schmatalie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Issues with the Diva cup

I just bought a Diva cup (I got it half off at, if anyone's interested!) and I'm having a few problems. This is my first period with it and I'm on about the 4th day (period normally lasts about a week). FWIW, I have a copper IUD that I've had for 8 months but I'm not really concerned with expulsion or anything.

The first couple days I was able to change it every 8-12 hrs with only slight leaking, even though I don't think it was positioned right. Now on the 3rd/4th days, I'm having to change it every hour or 2 and it's leaking a lot. It's usually about halfway full when I pull it out (so much for an entire period being 3-4 ounces! I'm losing at least that A DAY.) so it's not full, but leaking anyway. I can't tell you how many underwear I've ruined already this period!

I can't really seem to get the positioning right- I'm following the instructions to a T, I've tried standing, squatting, and sitting. I'm using the C fold, but after seeing some of the other folds on here, I'm going to try those next. For a long time, I couldn't get it to spin like the directions say it's supposed to. Finally I explored a little more and realized the cup was kind of in front/above of my cervix, depending on how you look at it, instead of over it. It also wasn't really expanded, it seemed like it was still pinched. So I ran my finger along the outside of it, and for whatever reason that made it expand. I thought for sure I found the right positioning, as now I could easily spin it. But I thought they weren't supposed to be worn high? The directions say they're supposed to be worn low...but I don't think I can wear it any lower. Seems the span between my vaginal opening and my cervix is about the length of the Diva cup. Either way, it's still leaking, but I think I have it positioned right.

So where exactly is it supposed to be positioned? Is my cervix supposed to be basically inside it? And when should it be popping open? Should I let it pop open before it's completely inserted or should I keep it folded til it's all the way in? Also, any tips on inserting it and not looking like I just killed someone are welcome. :)

And FWIW, I'm 22 and have had a vaginal childbirth and I have Model 2.

Thank you!

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