ffwifey (ffwifey) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Urethra sensitivity???---newbie

Help help help!
After using my DivaCup on the last day of my period last month (with some issues, I probably inserted and reinserted it about 30 times), I noticed that immediatly after pulling out my diva cup and putting it away for the month, I started having some "peeing" issues.  I would suddenly get the urge to pee and would run to the bathroom and only pee a few drops!  My urethra felt so uncomfortable and "tense" and I had trouble falling asleep because of the "urge".  I have never had a yeast or urinary infection and  I am 27 and married.  I usually wear tampons and I have never had that sensation.  Is this because of my DIVA cup???  Anyone else have similar problems or sensations? The sensation eventually went away after two weeks but I am afraid it will happen again this month.  

I tried to insert my DivaCup today (1st day of period) and i just couldn't get it right.  I inserted it and the stem was sitting just OUTSIDE my labias (last month the stem wasn't even poking out of my vaginal opening). However, I did create a seal.  I reached down and opened my labias to feel how close the "cup" actually was to my urethra and it was TOUCHING it!! IS that right??? Immediatly I pulled it out and heard the seal break. And then I tried and tried again...I can't seem to get it up far enough.
 What the heck is going on with me?  I am afraid to use my cup because I don't want to get that uncomfortable peeing sensation again. 
ANY ADVICE??  Please!!

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