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this. is. AWESOME!!!  Ladies, why did I not know about these cups fifteen years ago?  Who has been keeping this wonderful knowledge from the world?  Why are women forced to suffer through tampons and pads when these magnificent little devices are available?!?!?


ahem...sorry about that.  As you can see, I am thoroughly enjoying my first full day with my DivaCup.  I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I am happy as a bug in a rug with it.  A few false starts on insertion, had to practice with some alternate folds. Suffered through a few hours with ladybits being poked by the stem until I solved that with a pair of sharp sewing scissors.  I'm learning how to empty a full cup without spilling it all over and making it look like my hand went on a homicidal rage. Slept with it in last night, and it was a JOY to wake up and not have blood spilling out of me as soon as I sat up.

I love this thing.  I may buy some and start passing them out to random women on the street. I will probably become one of those annoying proselytizing people who won't shut up about something.

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