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how to make it not hurt

hi all,

i've looked and haven't seen anything along this line and hope that something like this hasn't been posted before.

i just got my mooncup uk and was very excited to use it. i used it on my 1st day which was relatively light.

it had a little bit of problem going in and i had to improvise myself since the page with all the folding techniques and pictures didn't seem to be showing the pictures.

anyway, the biggest problem came when i tried to get it out. the suction was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.l.y. strong. after struggling and bearing down for for ages, i manage to get a grip at the base and pull it lower almost out. but then, it started hurting alot. the base of the cup was already out and i thought wth and tried pulling the cup out in one yank.

wrong move. it hurt soooooo much and couldn't get out that i immediately stuffed the cup back inside to stop the pain. finally, afraid that i was going to die from shoving air into my insides, i gritted my teeth and pulled it out.

now i'm back to using pads. i'm afraid to even put the mooncup in cos i know it eventually has to come out. and it'll hurt.

so i was thinking, since we fold the cup to get a smaller circumference when inserting it. then when we try to remove the cup, how does it slip painlessly out when it's open?

is that why it hurts to much when i'm trying to remove the cup?
Tags: removal - painful or problems

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