godsinstrument (godsinstrument) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup advertising success...


Last Monday I put up one of the posters that you can print out from the publicity section on menstrualcups.org (this community) just changing the font to something more girly, and adding "No leaks or messes ever again!  Yay!" to it.  I stuck it in on of the stalls in a public high school washroom (I don't go to the school, I homeschool, but anyway) and this week when I went back, I checked and ALL BUT THREE of the little tabs were gone!  Oh yeah...makes me proud.  

So girls, this thing is getting out there, fast!  I encourage you to print out and cut up a couple of those posters, stick them in your purse with a roll of tape, and next time you use a public washroom, you know what to do.  Get the word out!

Sharin' the joy. :D

God bless,

Tags: activism
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