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First attempts.

I posted this a while back, asking for help (I'm not sure how to make a fancy link...):

You ladies gave me excellent advice and lo and behold! My Mooncup UK arrived today after ordering it last Sunday. Pretty good if I do say so myself! I was really excited and ran upstairs immediately, ha. It's size was a little intimidating, but I remember that picture of an expanded tampon next to a cup so I figured I'd be okay.

I did a "dry run" in the shower with lots of lube.

Attempt 1: Insertion was no problem. It went right up there and I had no problems getting it to open. Removal was a little more...interesting. I guess I never completely grasped the "suction" concept of these things. Let's just say I understand now.

Attempt 2: Still no problem getting it in. I was much more careful when removing it this time, needless to say! Breaking the suction was a little tough but I managed. By now I've trimmed off most of the stem and I'll probably end up taking it off completely, because I don't really use it and it's sort of annoying.

And I did it a few more times, but nothing exciting happened so I'll spare you. I'm starting to getting the hang of releasing the suction (or at least, I understand it now) but my problem is right as it's about to come out, it hurts, seeing as how it's much bigger coming out than going in. Any ideas on this?

So I just wanted to say thanks again for all your previous help and now I have it in time for my trip :]
Tags: dry run, first time use, mooncup (uk), removal - painful or problems

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