...Ich suche dich hinter dem Licht... (eternallife_) wrote in menstrual_cups,
...Ich suche dich hinter dem Licht...

Size issue...

Hi all, I'm new to the community :)

I've checked the memories and such, but haven't found a solution for the problem that I'm having. I'm 23, have never given birth, and I've got a Mooncup in the smaller size. The first time I used it the stem poked out, pinched and made me very sore when I sat down. I cut the stem off little by little, and have finally removed it entirely. The thing is, it still feels as if the cup is just too big for me. It seals perfectly, and I'm pretty sure it's in the right position, but the cup sits so low that it hurts when I sit, and I physically don't have the space to push it any higher!! I'm a small person generally, but I know most people seem to have no problem. I really want to make the Mooncup work for me.

Any suggestions, please?!
Tags: chafing/irritation, sizes/size issues

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