Sarah (kardoth) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hubby advertising Diva Cups to his co-workers!

I found this community around November and talked to my sister about it. I decided to get her a Diva Cup for Christmas and that I would get myself one when I finally ran out of pads and tampons. In the meantime, I was scouring the internet, finding as much info about menstrual cups as I could. I told my husband everything about them and he acted like he really didn't care.

Well, we just took a family vacation and during the long car ride he made mention that he'd told a woman he works with about Diva Cups. I was pretty curious how this discussion came up. He said they were talking about food and different restaurants to eat at when she made a remark about how she usually wanted to eat that kind of stuff while she was on her period. She continued to gripe about it and my husband said 'you should get a Diva Cup.'.  She said 'what's that?' and he explained it to her. She asked if it was safe because she'd never heard of it and he told her it was. Then she said she was going to be looking them up when she got home.

It was pretty funny.

Also, I had ordered mine before we left for the vacation and it hadn't gotten here yet. I was wishing so badly that it had when I had to stuff pads into my purse and change them out a few times during the day. It should be here any day now and I'm looking forward to using it on my next period.

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