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So THIS is how a good period feels...

My first period with my DivaCup is all but finished and I cannot tell you how absolutely amazing it was. That's right my period was amazing!!!

I never thought I'd utter those words but yup this is pretty much the best period ever!!

This is my first period (in 13 years) that I haven't leaked, woke up in a mess, had horrible cramps (truly the little wonder even helped my usually bad cramps, there was still a niggle but nowhere near as bad). Its been truly a joy to use and my only regret is that I didn't purchase one of these sooner.

I only had one problem and that was the stem in the latter days of my cycle, my cervix seems to move which I hope doesn't sound silly! So the stem was really irritating my opening, so I basically cut it a little and its been perfect. Is there anyone else out there who has had to cut the stem because of this??

I honestly couldn't recommend this product enough. I'm aware that many of you own cups already and some are unsure of which to buy. Well I give this one a BIG thumbs up, it should be compulsory for all women to own one of these. They are simply awesome.

My next mission is to convert all my friends!!
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