make haste, not war (bedsidesaucers) wrote in menstrual_cups,
make haste, not war

diva cup = my best friend

I would just like to say that I love my Diva Cup. I hate the name, but love the product.

I had heard about menstrual cups a few years ago, actually, and it had always peaked my interest. However, I didn't start thinking about it seriously until a few months ago when I realized how much I really despised pads (I couldn't bring myself to use tampons - the idea of bleached fibers absorbing themselves into my mucous membranes didn't sit well with me). And then I was reading Ecoholic and it said that the annual amount of pads dumped into landfills is 12 billion, tampons (and/or their wrappers) was 7 billion. I can't believe I was part of that!

I found this community and after reading through the tags, I found that instead of paying nearly $40 for a Diva Cup I could go to and get one there for only $22 (I'm 22 & I haven't had any children yet - so I ordered model #1)! It got here in about 10 days. I was actually excited for my period to get here.

It was definitely different at first. Since I've been celibate for nearly three years, it was a smidge uncomfortable during the first insertion. It took a few tries to get it, but now it takes no time at all and I actually forget it's there! My period is relatively light (I'm used to monstrously heavy, yet over the years it has calmed down somewhat). I haven't had any leaks, and I'm able to wear it over night without waking up every few hours to check if my sheets are (yet again) stained.

I've since convinced my mom and two of my friends to get one for themselves.

However, I refuse to wear that pin that it came with :)
Tags: age, divacup, first time use, success stories, where to buy

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