just2have1dream (just2have1dream) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Why all the sudden leaking!!!!???

Last month was my first with the Diva and it was great!  No leaks even on the heaviest day, I was loving it.  I thought I had the freaking hang of it.  Then, I started taking the pill (progesterone only).  I think my cervix might be riding lower and harder than it was last month, and maybe getting in the way of the cup sealing?  I mean I can feel some suction there when I pull but not nearly the same amount as last month.  My bleeding is also lighter than last month, but the cup is hardly catching any of it!  I'm somehow just bleeding around it like it's not there!!  I also bought a Mooncup (UK) to try, you'd think it'd work better since it's shorter and it would be less in the way of my cervix, but I can't get ANY kind of suction with that cup!!  It even expels when I pee!!  I don't think Kegels are the issue here, since I had such a great month last month.  Could it be that the pill has just changed my cervix position?


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