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Pregnancy and storage

I've recently found out I'm pregnant (unexpected, but then my other two children were as well ;-) ) and I'm wondering if there's any special way I should store my Diva Cup until I can use it again? I know that silicone bottle teats go a bit 'funny' and 'sticky' when stored for long periods of time and I'm worried my Diva Cup will get yucky and I'll have to buy another! If all goes well it'll probably be around a year before I'm in need of my cup again. It's currently in the little bag that came with it, sitting in a drawer in my bathroom :-)

I'm also keen to hear from anyone who's used it fairly soon after giving birth (obviously not for post-partum bleeding, but for periods returning within 2 months of birth). I know that after I had my other two babies I couldn't bear the thought of tampons for well over 6 months and they just didn't feel 'right' - I'm hoping that won't happen with my cup.

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I had a browse through and couldn't see anything similar.

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